About Maja

Originally born in Sweden, I have always had an interest in design. Developing a career in interiors has been a dream of mine for many years. After five years in the industry, working for a large company, it was time to launch my own business. 


The most important thing for me with interior design is to create a space you love to spend time in. It always amazes me how much an interior space can influence how we live and also how we feel. Creating a space which helps us to live well and feel well, is something I am very passionate about. I love nature and take a lot of inspiration from the world around me, but also strongly believe in the practical function of a space and not taking yourself too seriously.



How I work

I typically do projects focusing on a whole room or couple of rooms to ensure the design works as a whole. The design process will be very individual and include inspiration pages, visualisations, sample boards and more technical drawings if needed. My ambition is to work on a range of different projects, both sizes and style, and therefore no two projects will be the same. Any design is always influenced by the person and the place as well as a bit of me as well.


I work mostly in and around the Newcastle upon Tyne area but I have also worked on projects further afield. For more information about fees and projects, please get in touch and also explore my portfolio.